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  • (Assignment description: Students often write research papers. Remember that a research paper is more than a summary of sources, as it offers the reader something more. Purpose statements or a thesis statement help tie these documents together. ) View
  • (Assignment description: Lab reports are a means of communicating experimental findings. They summarize experiments, present observations, show results, and draw conclusions. The specific structure of the lab report may vary between departments or instructors. Verify the structure that is required for your course. ) View
  • (Assignment description: A critical review briefly summarizes the text and focuses on an analysis of the article based on a set of criteria that reflect the needs for a particular audience or use. ) View
  • (Assignment description: Posters presentations are used to present information at scientific meetings, research conferences, or for a class. They are useful because they display your research for viewers in a concise and visual manner. Your poster should not be a copy of your research paper. It should simply summarize your research and findings. ) View
  • (Assignment description: Students often write research papers, but this paper is based on primary sources. In this way, part of your process is to interpret and determine the value of these sources. ) View
  • (Assignment description: Love it or hate it, chances are you will have to do an oral presentation during your university career. A little preparation will help you to engage your audience. There is more to an oral presentation than simply reading. ) View
  • (Assignment description: Professors often try to get students to think about their papers by assigning a research proposal. These short documents offer instructors a sense of where you will take your paper. It demonstrates that you have an appropriate research question for the length of the paper and the time necessary to complete it. It also shows that you are able to manage the information surrounding your topic. ) View
  • (Assignment description: Every source you read has a literature review in it. A literature review organizes the existing literature to offer a picture of the current state of the knowledge on a subject. It is not a series of small summaries, as you are expected to synthesize sources. ) View
  • (Assignment description: Group projects often features a larger document or presentation than would typically be assigned to an individual student. The key to successful group work is working productively with your teammates. Remember that this means working in person for some aspects of the projects. ) View
  • (Assignment description: The requirements and style of business reports vary. Typically business reports focus on the analysis of a case study. The analysis is often done to suggest future actions for the organization. ) View
  • (Assignment description: An annotated bibliography is a common assignment at the beginning of a larger project. These bibliographies feature both a citation entry for the source, a brief summary of the source, and an evaluation of its usefulness to your project. Number of entries and length of entries vary, so check with your instructor. ) View