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3D print service form

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We will contact you within the next few business days with an estimate of the fee, the turnaround time and to let you know if there are any problems with the file. We cannot make any guarantee about turnaround time for the 3D model; turnaround time will depend on a number of factors including the quality and size of the file, and the volume of requests we are currently receiving. We may not be able to accommodate short deadlines.

IMPORTANT COPYRIGHT INFORMATION*** Please ensure you have the appropriate permission to print any third party materials. Libraries and Cultural Resources and the Digital Media Commons accepts all requests for 3D Printing and scanning services on the basis that: 1) The undersigned person submitting the order to Libraries and Cultural Resources agrees that no infringement of copyright is or will be involved in such printing or reproduction 2) The undersigned person submitting the order accepts all liability for copyright infringement arising thereout, and 3) The undersigned person submitting the order agrees to indemnify Libraries and Cultural Resources and The Governors of The University of Calgary against all liability, claims, damages and costs arising thereout. More copyright information can be found at: http://library.ucalgary.ca/copyright.